Custom Fabrication

A mainstay of DILYSI Motorsports is custom fabrication of racecar parts.  These can be done completely to your specs, or with additional input from us.  See some examples below.

Custom Intake Manifold  for Volkswagen

Fabricated to our customer's specs using factory runners coupled to a custom large volume plenum.  It accepts a larger throttle body from a later model Volkswagen.  The EGR Port was eliminated (it used to interrupt runner #2 before it was welded shut) to allow more consistent performance in all cylinders.  A vacuum ports for the brake booster was retained, but all other vacuum ports were eliminated.  The finish is a gloss white powder coat.  Actual numbers won't be divulged, but the dyno showed that the gains were significant.  

VW_Intake_1.jpg (10420 bytes)     VW_Intake_Inside.jpg (13673 bytes)     VW_Intake_2.jpg (12301 bytes)

VW_Intake_3.jpg (11795 bytes)     VW_Intake_4.jpg (10833 bytes)     VW_Intake_5.jpg (11259 bytes)

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Torque Suppression Device for Volkswagen

A completely bolt on Torque Suppression Device for an A1 Volkswagen.  It effectively triangulates the front motor mount, while still meeting the SCCA Solo2 Street Prepared Rules regarding such a device.  Since it limits the movement of the engine, it allows the car to put power down more effectively, as well as shift more predictably.  It is adjustable for preload.  The hardware retains it's natural finish, while the welded bracket is powder coated gloss black.  Click on thumbnails for larger pictures.

Torque_Supression_Device_1.jpg (24373 bytes)     Torque_Supression_Device_2.jpg (16496 bytes)

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Turbocharger for 89 Civic Si

Here are various progress pictures of the development of a turbo system for an 89 Civic Si.  This build is for a dedicated autocross car, thus a wide power band is more useful than a high peak number.  With this in mind, the system is using low boost (4-6 psi) on top of high static compression.  Additionally, every component in the system was chosen to minimize lag, while maintaining affordability.  This includes a T25 Turbo, a log style manifold, a liquid intercooler, and short intake piping.

Cone_2.jpg (7886 bytes)     Cone_1.jpg (8454 bytes)     Fishmouth.jpg (21009 bytes)

 Flange_Blank.jpg (26926 bytes)     Flange_1.jpg (12425 bytes)     Flange_2.jpg (10153 bytes)    

 Manifold_1.jpg (10764 bytes)     Manifold_2.jpg (9520 bytes)

Down_Pipe_1.JPG (35104 bytes)     Down_Pipe_2.JPG (22812 bytes)     Down_Pipe_3.JPG (21171 bytes) 

Down_Pipe_4.JPG (28099 bytes)     Down_Pipe_5.JPG (39009 bytes)     Wastegate_1.JPG (35818 bytes)

Wastegate_2.JPG (35249 bytes)     Wastegate_3.JPG (30169 bytes)     Wastegate_4.JPG (34142 bytes)

Down_Pipe_6.JPG (36060 bytes)     Down_Pipe_7.JPG (22811 bytes)     Down_Pipe_8.JPG (21270 bytes)

Weight.jpg (35633 bytes)     Turbo_Installed_1.JPG (38985 bytes)     Turbo_Installed_2.JPG (38180 bytes)

Turbo_Installed_3.JPG (37860 bytes)     Clearance.JPG (30721 bytes)     Installed_4.JPG (31866 bytes)

Oil_Pan.JPG (25224 bytes)     Installed_5.JPG (32313 bytes)     Sunday.jpg (25646 bytes)

Welded_Downpipe_3.JPG (33011 bytes)     Welded_Downpipe.JPG (25145 bytes)     Welded_Downpipe_2.JPG (20847 bytes)

Welded_Downpipe_4.JPG (28979 bytes)


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