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Momo / Sparco Bolt-On Quick Release

3G Civic Distributor Adapter

Skunk2 Camber Kit Fix

Momo / Sparco Bolt-On Quick Release

The DILYSI Motorsports Momo / Sparco Bolt-On Quick Release was developed to allow a way to have a Quick Release Steering Wheel without having to do the custom fabrication normally associated with one.  It simply bolts in between the Steering Wheel and the Adapter Hub of any Momo or Sparco 6 bolt steering wheel setup.  

The Hex and the Flanges are constructed of Steel, while the Quick Release is Aluminum.  The Steel parts wear a powder coated Black Wrinkle finish.  This finish will match well with your Adapter Hub.

All required hardware is included.

Purchase the Quick Release Adapter directly from DILYSI Motorsports.  Email

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3G Civic Distributor Adapter

The DILYSI Motorsports 3G Civic Distributor Adapter was developed to allow a D16A6 or D16Y8 distributor to bolt onto an 85-87 Civic / CRX Si engine.  This, along with some minor rewiring, allows the early Civic / CRX to eliminate the vacuum-mechanical distributor in favor of a computer controlled one.  

It also opens up the opportunity to run any of a number of programmable EFI setups.  These including Zdyne, Ghettodyne, and Turbo Edit for OBD-0 setups using the D16A6 Distributor, or Hondata for OBD1/OBD2 setups using the D16Y8 Distributor.  The kit includes the Adapter Plate and the Drive Key Adapter (not shown).  

This is a completely bolt on kit, that requires no modification of the Head or the Distributor.  All required hardware is included.  

Purchase the 3G Civic Distributor Adapter directly from DILYSI Motorsports.  Email us for more information.

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Skunk2 Camber Kit Fix

While Skunk has redesigned their Adjustable Upper Control Arms to deal with slipping problems, the owners of the early arms are still stuck with sub-par solutions for making the ball joints stay where they want them.  The DILYSI Camber Kit Fix is a bolt-on solution that doesn't require removing paint, searching for different hardware, etc.  It can be installed without removing the arms from your car and comes complete with all needed hardware.

Purchase the Camber Kit Fix directly from DILYSI Motorsports.  Email us for more information.

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